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I'm looking for a dare to be great situation
...If you start out depressed everything's kind of a pleasant surprise.
I made a new journal. If you want to add me, please do!


Ill add you back.

Thanks. Love ya.
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hmm im trying to fix the LJ it looks majorly shitty now, so dont mind the crappiness.

ETA: We'll i fixed it up some. I think ill leave it like this for a lil while. Hal is hot, so thats a good thing... lol
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wow thats pretty accurate... lol

You are dreamy, peaceful, and young at heart.
Optimistic and caring, you tend to see the best in people.
You tend to be always smiling - and making others smile.

You are shy and intelligent... and a very hard worker.
You're also funny, but many people don't see your funny side.
Your subtle dry humor leaves your close friends in stitches.

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I just want to post and say how awesome that Breakfast Club tribute was on the MTV awards last night. I was in total awe. The scenes made me want to watch the movie again. It was awesome that they had the principal give out the award to them. It was also great that Carl the janitor was in the audience and they showed him a few times. (He was the bald-ish older man that they showed during the tribute.

I'll have a real post soon.

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Lohan Has Digital Breast Reduction

Teen actress Lindsay Lohan's breasts have been digitally reduced for forthcoming Disney film Herbie: Fully Loaded, to avoid offending family audiences. Test screenings for the new movie, the fourth sequel to the 1968 film The Love Bug about a Volkswagen Beetle car with a mind of its own, indicated that some parents felt Lohan's character Maggie Peyton was too raunchy for a children's film. Disney technicians were forced to plough through numerous scenes - especially those showing the busty actress jumping up and down at a motor racing track, reducing her breasts by two cup sizes and raising revealing necklines on her T-shirts. Amused at her digital bosom reduction, Lohan says, "I don't know how Renee Zellweger kept swelling and shrinking for Bridget Jones. It's no fun. Bring on the computer guys."

From Imdb.com

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DUDE! Corey Feldman is going to be in a play off-broadway. Fatal Attraction: A greek tragedy. Its a stage, comedic version of the 80's flick. I am so there. This is awesome, Co Ro and Corey. If i can meet Feldman my summer will be the best ever. LOL. He is the reason my 80s obsession has lasted and started, for that matter. I had a major Corey phase, it died down, but i kinda wanna start back with watching all the movies. hehe.

Truth be told, I dont care what it is, I would go anyways just to see Corey. Even if it was the most boring shakespheare play. Actually that would prolly make it more entertaining, seeing Feldman take on Shakes. haha.

Anyone want to go?
Starts previews July 1, then showing through late Aug.

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Common Rotation
Friday, June 24 2005
Acoustic Cafe
2926 Fairfield Avenue
Bridgeport, CT, 06605
All Ages
W/ The Scarecrow Collection
Order your tickets now

I wore my common ro shirt today too, and then i find this! Its a sign!! haha WOO FUCKING HOO

Janna, you gonna go? I know you like em, and u live near? Be cool if we could meet up or something...

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Taken from imdb.com...

Don't You Forget About 'Breakfast Club' Stars

The stars of cult 1980s movie The Breakfast Club are set to reunite at the upcoming 2005 MTV Movie Awards this weekend. Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson and Anthony Michael Hall have agreed to reunite for the awards show at the Shrine Auditorium. Emilio Estevez wasn't confirmed for the Movie Awards get together as we went to press. Meanwhile, pop punks Yellowcard will perform Simple Minds' hit single "Don't You Forget About Me," which was the theme from the 1985 John Hughes movie.

That is so great!! hahahaha I had to post it!!!

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Well kids, there you have it... My first year as a college student at Housatonic Community is officially over, and schools out for the summer. Unless I decided to take some summer courses. But other than that, yes indeedy I survived a full year at Housatonic Community Techinal College:Its technically college. Ain't you proud of me? And to think I wasnt even going to go to college for at least a semester or two. Well I did, and I survived. Go me.

I'll do like a year in review later in a FO post...

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Yeah, im officially making my journal (sorta) Friends Only. So comment to be added and yadda yadda. There will be open posts now and again though..
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